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Areas Of Expertise

I have counseling experience in end of life care and mental health. The combination of these areas has helped to develop my foundation in grief and trauma work. Although I am happy to see a person of any age, my counseling specialty is working with children who have experienced sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, as well as grief and loss.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we learn to pay attention to what we are thinking about.  If we are having thoughts that create fear, anxiety, or worry, we can utilize techniques to examine and reframe them into more constructive thoughts. We also pay attention to the sensations in our bodies and our emotions, as well as our behaviors. These powerful connections inform us about why we feel and do the things that we do. This process allows us to gain control over our thinking, regulate our emotions and manage our behavior.  This process also helps to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.   


Covid 19 has been a big struggle for families, the community, and especially the school-age kids and adolescence. They are missing their friends, their routines, adjusting to doing things online and not having that face to face interaction with their peers that is so important. These factors are putting a lot of stress on the family unit and have caused an increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety.  

My Approach

My approach to counseling incorporates several different theories such as family systems and attachment, however, my primary approach is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you.

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My Approach
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